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Iton Stitcher SystemsBox Stitching

Iton manufactures an extensive line of box stitching
systems to meet any need.
Econo-Stitch Line
Econo-Stitch Model 200

Heavy-Duty B.D. Line
Stitcher Model 200 B.D.
Stitcher Model 300 B.D.
Stitcher Model 400 B.D.

Specialty Box Stitching Machinges
Rotech Heavy Duty 2-Piece Box Stitcher

Series 300 Open-Throat Giant Killer

Iton's Corrugated Box Stitching machines have come to be known as some of the most dependable and productive finishing components serving independent box plants throughout the world.  The success of our stitching product line is rooted in a strong motivation to build a structurally strong and technologically evolved product, which must perform in a wide variety of box plant environments.

Iton makes a complete line of stitching systems handling box widths ranging from the smallest to the largest.  Each of our Econo and B.D. stitcher models is equipped with the following standard features:

  • Iton's exclusive computerized, servo powered pull roll drive with digital set-up in inches or metric.

  • Iton's exclusive transversing stitcher head. The stitcher head assembly can be repositioned (left-right) for extreme panel sizes. This feature also helps to keep loads centered on the lift table.

  • Hydraulic/chain powered heavy-duty lift table, which is built integral to the stitcher frame.

  • Iton's patented heavy duty stitcher head with automatic computerized lubrication. Iton's modern head design contains a total of 50 parts compared to 400 parts in some older designs.

  • Powered discharge conveyor. This completes all of the required components to make Iton's stitcher models fully operational and ready to meet the most demanding plant environments.

Thereís an Iton stitching machine thatís right for your needs. Our B. D. line of Heavy Duty Stitchers is designed for companies with heavy use requirements (multiple shifts every day, most days). Our Econo-Stitcher line is perfect for the company that may use lighter materials and runs less often. All Iton machines are industrial grade, made to your specifications and are backed by Itonís commitment to our customersí satisfaction. Iton semi-automatic gluers can be added to any Iton Econo or B.D. Stitcher.

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