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Client Comments

"We were working overtime to keep up with our stitch work until we purchased the Iton Stitcher. The added speed and dependability of the Iton Stitcher ended overtime. I would recommend their stitcher to anyone."

Vick Jr.
Commercial Corrugated
Baltimore, Maryland
Owners of a Model 400 B.D. Stitcher

"We purchased our Rotech Stitcher about three years ago and we stitch a wide variety of single piece and two piece boxes. The Rotech is a great machine and produces a good high quality box. But most of all, I would say Iton provides outstanding customer service."

Pat Ward
Granit Packaging
Moorestown, New Jersey
Owners of a Rotech Series V

"We stitch a lot of 1100 pound triplewalll on the Iton Stitcher which we could not do on our old stitcher. Adding the gluing section to the Iton provides for great flexibility."


Bob Roberts
Southerland Packaging
Andover, New Jersey
Owner of a Model 400 B.D. Stitcher/Gluer

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