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Small Box Gluer
Photo #1

Small Box Gluer

Iton's SB100 series gluers offer several important advantages over conventional "roller compression section" gluers.

The SB100 is portable and takes up minimal floor space.

Since the boxes are held in compression in the stacker section, you are not required to slow down the compression (slowing down production) in order to allow time for cold glue to set. Also you are not required to use expensive hot melt systems to achieve shorter set times.

Small Box Gluer

The SB100 is uniquely designed to run very small boxes. The box shown in photo #1 above is 2"x2"x16". This type of box would be difficult if not impossible to run on conventional in-line or semi-auto gluers.

Perhaps even more important, the SB100 provides a low cost and efficient answer for the independent box maker to enter the "Small Box" market.

Call or email us to request a video showing the SB100-1 in operation.

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