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Stitcher HeadStitcher Head

The best stitching starts with the best stitcher head.
  • Engineered for Reliability

  • Low Maintenance

  • Precision on Every Stitch

The legendary Iton Stitcher Head is now better than ever!
The stitcher head is the heart of every box stitching machine. Precision, reliability and low maintenance are critical to return-on-investment. Do not settle on anything less than the legendary Iton Stitcher Head - now better than ever!

Iton offers two stitcher head concepts on each of it's stitcher models.

Model 300 A Stitcher Head

The Iton Model 300 A Stitcher Head is standard on all of our stitcher models.

It has been a time proven workhorse in the industry for over 25 years and boasts a truly incredible history of low maintenance and exemplary performance on the full range of corrugated materials.

With only 53 parts, the 300 A Stitcher Head personifies space age technology and simplicity to the fullest.

Model 450 S Stitcher Head

Available as an option, in place of the 300 A Stitcher Head is Iton's 450 S servo powered Stitcher Head.

The servo drive on the 450 S is fully integrated with the servo powered pull roll drive producing a precise harmony of stitch application and movement of the box on the pull rolls.

In addition, the direct servo motor drive reduces the number of maintenance parts on the 450 S to one third of the already impressive 53 parts on the 300A Stitcher Head.

Our new Model 450 Stitcher Head is available on our full range of box finishing systems.

Contact us today to learn more about our 300 A Stitcher Head and the new Model 450 Stitcher Head.

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