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Rotech Series V
2-Piece & Specialty Box Stitcher


  • Set up takes only 60 seconds!  Box halves remain stationary during stitch cycle, assuring alignment of each box.
  • Digitally controlled servo drive assures super-accurate stitch patterns on every box.

   Automatic folding arms

 Extremely accurate stitch patterns

 Sheet on backstop for perfect alignment

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Selected Specifications:  
Material table size:     48 x 84 each table, pull outs extends 48 to 70  
Type of Board:   Single, double, triple wall  
Stitch indexing speed:   500 cycles per minute  
Stitch spacing: minimum, 2 maximum  
Discharge system Four-belt conveyor
Stitcher head lubrication:  Automatic  
Stitch Configuration:  
Leg lengths  3/8, 1/2, 9/16   
Wire sizes  .023 x .103  
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